Miss Fashion...

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with a dear friend, Linda. Linda and I met eons ago at Saddleback while taking Fashion courses. We became friends thru working on window displays together. It is because of Linda that I had so many fun jobs in the surf industry! She took me under her wing and coached me all along the way, I learned a tremendous amount from her and I have always been gratefull for her friendship. Linda always brings happiness to my life, she has the amazing ability to talk to anyone and everyone, and she is soooo much fun! She has a great sense of style and always has the cutest outfits from head to toe! One of our favorite past times is shopping together before every tradeshow. We would go to South Coast and pick out outfits for each other, we had no choice, we of course had to look super cute at ASR!

Another fun filled day!

Not too many people read our blog and for those of you who do I bet you are tired of seeing photos of what we do everyday... I hope you guys are not getting too bored.
I feel so fortunate that Tim works up the hill from our house, so we often get together for lunch. I love seeing him all thru - out the day! I miss him when we are apart all day long. We enjoyed lunch at the new El Ranchito in Laguna with Tim's dad. For those of you who enjoy eating as much as I do I recommend this joint... the chips n salsa is delicious and the baja bowl and tostado's are yummy! The outside patio is really quant and cozy.
We ended the day with a family BBQ at my parents. It was a big feast with a ton of yummy food. Tim did an excellent job in the grill and as alaways my mom served up a lot of sides and desert which everyone enjoyed. Ben and Cara joined us, they are just like family!