Love of My Life!

Timmy and I often have the opportunity to I Chat. Technology is AMAZING! Here is my very handsome hubby on the I Chat. And here I am emailing him from my new cell. We get to talk everyday even though he is half way around the globe. I love you bu buu. xoxox

Another Beautiful Day in Three Arch. . .

I just can not seem to get enough of the beach these days! I snapped a quick photo while heading down to La Playa while speaking with Timmy on the phone (he's in Espana for a while). I feel so fortunate to be so close to the ocean and take in all the beauty that surounds the ocean.

Rendevoux with an old friend

So I had the opportunity to meet up with a friend I have not seen in over a year. Emily and I met a few yeargs ago when I lived with the Nicoll's, she wasn't a big fan of me when she first met me but over time we got along great! She is a cute girl with a lot of ambition and goals, I admire her for all that she has done thus far. We have kept in contact over the years and finally met up this week. Emily brought her daughter Kayla (who is so adorable) and met me at PF Changs, we enjoyed a yummy bit to eat while we chit chatted for a couple hours and walked around the mall (dont worry honey I didnt spend too much $). P.S. Boys she's SINGLE!