view from monorail

looking out my hotel room window

room. look how tiny the beds are.

sign in Big Boy

he looks a little different than i recall him looking

I have arrived! After a very long journey and two days later (since there is a 16 hour time difference) I am in Japan.
I will update as often as possible since I am unable to use my cell you can all stay up to date via the blog.
I arrived at OC airport at 6am (pacific time) on Wed. After a long sit on the run way I finally got to San Fran. With the delayed flight I only had an hour layover... so I got a quick bit to eat at a mexican restaurant in the international terminal. The flight to Osaka (kix) left at noon (pacific time) and arrived in Osaka at 3 pm (japan time) on Thursday... so basically I lost two days since it was spent traveling. The flight went much better than I had anticipated and was only 10 hours (for some reason I thought it was 13) I sat next to J who is an American in the Air Force seving here in Japan. A young guy 25 and he told me all about his family, showed me pics of his dog and siblings, told me about his wacko wife who cheated on him, and how he is moving to Ogden Utah. Can you believe it??? Utah and he is not even Mormon! The time flew bye since I chatted, slept, read an entire book, watched two movies, and day dreamed. After landing in Osaka I took a bus from the international airport to the water ferry which then took me to the domestic airport where I then took another bus to get to the port liner which is the monorail (just like disneyland except it actually is usefull and takes you into the city) then from there I walked to my hotel.
Did I mention its bloody hot here! Imagine all that traveling with a backpack that is way too heavy, my large handbag and my suitcase in the hot hot humidity. GROSS.
Staying at the Portopia Hotel. It is pretty nice. Walked to the store to grab water and some yummy japanese treats with some coworkers. The highlight of the night was dinner. Take it back to 1985... Bob's Big Boy! Can you believe it? Of course we had to eat there! I am exhausted its 5:16 am (pacific time) 9:22 pm (japan time) let's just hope I can sleep thru most of the night so I am ready for the long work day ahead of me.
I will post pics when I get to upload them it's a bit tricky since my pc is all in japanese... I do not understand how that happened.
I really miss Bu and Thor. The image of the two of them standing in front of the fj is still fresh in my mind. I was sad when I had to walk into the airport with out my boys. They are both so adorable and I love that when Tim went to hug me Thor also put is paw up on my arm. They just melt my heart. I love them and wish they could be here exploring Japan with me. Life is not the same with out them around.