All this work is begining to give me nightmares! Dreamed about me being a workaholic and tim and I getting in a fight... Thankfully the days go by fast with all the work. Just wish I could shop more!
Really starting to crave American food ( dont think this has ever happened to me before) I love food so usually I will eat or try anything. Went to the market at lunch bought some yummy Japanese food; fresh sushi, edamame, watermellon, and tempura shrimp n veggies. The grocery stores here have lots of fresh food! By the time dinner rolled around I really just wanted pizza so I ordered room service; pizza and chocolate ice cream.
Finally I have been sleeping through the night!!!! And now I finally have an apettite. Took till about Sunday to get adjusted to the eating and sleeping schedule.
Missing timmy alot and my little thor baby was sick over the weekend, so that mad me sad.
Well it's Tuesday morning so I am off to work.