Tim and I have been keeping busy since I have been home. The time seems to fly by incredibly fast. We had a blast at this is place
touring their haunted city! Season and Benjamin invited us to go on a spooky adventure. I had so much fun!! We ventured through old historic homes, the forest, the mountains, rode on a horse and buggy, got chased by the headless horseman, and laughed the entire 45 minutes.
Today I had the fun opportunity to dress up for work. As you can see I am a gypsy girl. Last night I was scrambling to come up with a costume, as I dug thru the drawers and searched out the closet this is what I came up with. Tim was teasing me all night stating how scary it is that I could create this costume with my normal wardrobe. Here are some random of photos of a few girls I work with...


I am so happy to me home with my hubby after all my traveling. What a long month it has been... Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas.
Atlanta is an interesting place to say the least! Where do I start.... How about the horrible hotel we stayed in! Not only did I find a black hair on my bath towel, but a booger in my bed! Disgusting! I was scared out of my mind with the Black Panthers having their convention at our hotel, so I Linds and I stayed up to the wee hours of night and slept with a chair behind out door. The mall was amazing with the BET awards going on I had some wonderful people watching opportunities, there were high class gangsta's everywhere, large chains, black diamonds, gold teeth you name it I saw it. I absolutely love thier style! Linds and I even got invited to a BET party by King. Oh did I mention the mall was like South Coast, great shopping!
Dallas was much better. A clean nice Hotel was refreshing, the hotel even had tasty restaurants! Unfortunatly someone had issues with my Dallas photos and this new leopard program so they are all gone... I was so bummed! We had the opportunity to eat De Lux a yummy restaurant just like Cheesecake and do loads of shopping at a three story mall. The best part of all the traveling is finally eating good food and shopping at places that carry fabulous lines! I know it is hard to believe but I am actually totally shopped out! Heather, Linds and I had such a great time with our new found friend Christopher, we enjoyed hearing about his boyfriend and all his advice. I met some very interesting people and heard alot of touching stories. It is comforting to good genuine people still exist.